CSF Society
Dear colleagues,

we would like to raise your interest for our newly founded "Society for CSF analysis and clinical neurochemistry". This society was founded by participants of two European projects on standardization of neurochemical markers (SOPHIA, BiomarkAPD). During these projects, we saw an immediate need for appropriate and targeted support and further development of the laboratory medical disciplines of cerebrospinal fluid diagnostics and clinical neurochemistry beyond a specific call.

The main aims of our society are therefore to exchange high level international scientific experience, to facilitate the incorporation of CSF diagnostics into clinical practice and to give advice on inclusion of CSF analysis into clinical guidelines.

In a first meeting, which was held in Gothenborg in 2016, we covered all these aspects of our society and we would like you to invite you to be part our society.

We aim to bring together students, PhD students, post-docs, senior researchers and clinicians involved in all aspects of in the search for biomarkers for various neurodegenerative and inflammatory diseases, including dementias, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's disease.

Please have a look on our constitution, if you can share our ideas.

Yours sincerely for the society
Kaj Blennow
Lucilla Parnetti
Charlotte Teunissen
Markus Otto